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Question 159

Q: I’ve heard it preached that the holy Trinity (God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit) is what we worship as Christians.

I’m still confused; could you offer a little clarity? 

Asked by: Taiwon

A: Well Taiwon, it’s going to be a little clarity, because the doctrine of the Trinity is not easy to grasp.

But here’s what happened. The early church began to read their Bibles, especially the New Testament, and they discovered that obviously God the Father is God; clearly Christ is also God; and the Holy Spirit is also God.

Jesus Himself said that the disciples should baptize in the name, (note “name” is singular), in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And as they looked at this, the early church leaders said there couldn’t be three Gods, so God must be three in one. And indeed, He is, and that is the doctrine of the Trinity.

Now what makes Christianity so unique is this: that because of the Trinity, God can be a redeeming God. It is Jesus, the second person of the Trinity, who came to Earth and died for us and, in effect, paid a ransom to God the Father—this is the way you and I are redeemed.

Taiwon, it’s not easy to grasp—just remember that the best minds have grappled with this. But it’s true that we worship God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

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