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Question 154

Q: Recently I heard Dr. Lutzer on Midday Connection say that in the light of the trends of our nation and the world, we should be preparing our children for the possibility of martyrdom. Pastor Lutzer, how should we do that?  

Asked by: Carl

A: Carl, I don’t remember the exact context in which I said that, but I do know I was quoting a former Muslim—a man who converted from Islam to Christianity who gave a lecture on what it would be like if Muslim law were implemented in the United States.

Afterward his lecture, I had a cup of coffee with him, and I asked him what could we do about this. We talked for a while and I said there is going to be a future generation that will have to be prepared for martyrdom, and he agreed. Now that’s the context of the remarks, but I need to say that you and I will probably have been long gone, in heaven, by the time that becomes necessary.

Certainly that happens in many Muslim countries today where Christians are giving their lives. There are thousands of them, by the way, and though we don’t hear about all of them, I can assure you that there are many places where there is repression and where there is martyrdom. And if the radical Islamic agenda takes hold in the United States, Christians will have to train their children to be able to accept martyrdom. Hopefully that won’t happen anytime soon, but we can’t see the future. Possibly someday in another generation, it will.

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