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Question 141

Q: Pastor Lutzer, will the antichrist know he is the antichrist?

Asked by: Patricia

A: Well Patricia, I’m going to give a very simple and very short answer. No.

I don’t think that Judas knew that he was going to turn out to be the Judas that we know of in the New Testament. I think that most world leaders, when they take positions on the stage of history, have no idea, exactly, where they are going and what’s going to happen.

And I suppose the antichrist, who I believe will arise in Europe, is going to find a tremendous amount of support from people, he’s going to be a peace candidate. He’ll just think he’s going to be the ruler of a certain territory, and he might not know what the Bible says about the antichrist. But as time develops, and as he gains power, he’ll become more evil. Then suddenly he’s going to realize that he has tremendous power, and he’s going to desire worship and he probably won’t know how it will all end.

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