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Question 138

Q: After Jesus is resurrected in the book of Matthew, it’s recorded that some people who were dead were also resurrected.

My question is: what happened to those people?

Asked by: Desmond

A: Well Desmond, your guess is as good as mine. The Bible doesn’t tell us what happened to those people.

All that we can do is to assume that which is reasonable, namely, that they died again. And if you think that’s unusual, it is, but it also happened to Lazarus. He was resurrected by Christ and then, of course, I’m sure that he died later in life.

Now, if you ask the question, why these strange resurrections? We can’t answer that either. It’s something that God simply chose to do as further proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But in the end, they also had to die, and someday they will be permanently resurrected with their permanent bodies—which they don’t yet have—along with the rest of us to everlasting life.

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