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Question 137

Q: Can cussing and smoking keep people from getting to heaven? I think it can.

Asked by: Jennifer

A: Jennifer, I need to clarify a couple of things. Cussing and smoking may be sins, but they’re not the only sins.

So the real issue is not these sins, it’s a person’s relationship to Jesus Christ.

It’s very important for us to realize that when we see someone doing this kind of obnoxious sinful behavior, that it’s not the behavior itself that we should look at, but rather whether or not they’ve come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Now, if they’ve come to saving faith in Christ, hopefully their lifestyle will follow who they’ve become in Christ, and they’ll stop doing some of the things they were doing previously.

But our first concern should be one’s relationship with Christ. “If any man be in Christ he is a new creation,” also the Bible says God made Christ to be what He wasn’t, namely sin, that we might be credited His righteousness. It’s that message that gets us to heaven. It’s not stopping certain kinds of behavior.

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