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Question 136

Q: Pastor Lutzer, if person commits suicide, will they go to hell?

And, would you classify suicide as self-murder?

Asked by: Joseph

A: Joseph, the answer to your second question is yes, I do believe that suicide is self-murder.

A person who commits suicide has broken a commandment—and it is a very serious commandment, but in answer to your first question, “Do all people who commit suicide go to hell?” I believe that the answer is “no.”

I’ve known committed Christians, clearly born again of the Holy Spirit, going through a time of depression, a time of deep, deep darkness, hopelessness, and a sense of alienation, who’ve committed suicide. I fully expect to see them in heaven. The Bible says, regarding believers, that we are sealed until the day of redemption.

Oh,” you say, “but it’s a very serious sin, the sin of murder.” Yes it is, but you know there are many Christians who have died with sin on their consciences. Legally, in Christ our sins are taken away—past, present, and future. Now of course we should greatly discourage people from committing suicide.

Suicide is putting a period where there should only have been a comma; it is never the right way out, but when it happens, be encouraged, if a believer dies no matter how that death takes place, I believe they will be in heaven.

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