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Question 111

Q: I need some direction for a matter with my nephew. He doesn’t think social nudism is a sin.

He claims Genesis 2:25 confirms his reasoning. I think this social nudism “hobby” makes him feel more accepted. He has commented on how well the people in this group treat him compared to other people in his life. What do you think?

Asked by: Cindy, New York

A: Well it is true, of course, that before sin entered into the Garden of Eden that Adam and Eve were naked and they were not ashamed.

But when sin entered into the world it’s interesting that then Adam and Eve clothed themselves. Because of sin, there is now going to be a certain amount of shame when clothes are taken off, and as a result, Adam and Eve wanted to cover themselves.

To want to be covered when we are in the presence of others is the most normal response that we have in society. Of course in marriage, because the couple becomes one flesh, that is something entirely different.

Now here’s the point: those who engage in social nudism want to go back to Eden, but you can’t go back to Eden. As a matter of fact, God didn’t even allow Adam and Eve to go back to Eden because paradise had been lost. And what this social nudism society wants is to recreate that paradise, and as long as everyone in a certain colony wears no clothes, somehow they are able then to set aside their shame.

But the bottom line is this: that in the rest of the Bible there are warnings to those who have absolutely no shame. So, your nephew is wrong. He’s seeking acceptance in the wrong way, and in the wrong place and, I might say, from the wrong people. You can try to convince him of that and if you can’t, you simply have to let him go on his way, pray for him, and hope that someday his eyes will be opened, and he’ll know that this isn’t the place to find what he’s looking for.

Scripture references

  • Genesis 2:25

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