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Question 10

Q: When you warned us about the outcome of not raising godly children, it was as if my whole life passed before me.

My two grown sons were raised while I was divorced, immoral, angry, emotionally wrecked, and worldly.

Now that I’m a believer, I’m wondering: is it too late for my kids to be godly? What more can I do than accept God’s forgiveness and leave them in His hands and lead a Christ-like life before them? Can I be released from blaming myself for ignoring God’s voice and providing a horrendous example while they were growing up?  

Asked by: Virginia, Illinois

A: Virginia, I want to thank you for your question because I know it comes from your heart.

As a mother, you care about your children, and then you rightfully ask yourself: “What can I do about the past and what about the future?”

The bottom line is this: you’re doing all that you can do. Namely, praying for them, receiving God’s forgiveness for yourself, and living that Christ-like life in front of them. I’d like to also encourage you to make that commitment of their lives to God—a total commitment—and it must be one of faith.

If you’ve not already done so, sit down with your children and tell them what Jesus Christ means to you, then ask their forgiveness for the kind of example you set when they were growing up. Be open and honest with them.

Remember this: God has a way of “restoring the years that the locusts have eaten.” By that, I mean that God has a way of making up for past failures. Of course, the past can’t be redone, and you’re limited in the influence you can have in your children’s lives going forward. But if you give it all to God, those precious children of yours may come to know Christ as Savior. And they may become godly.

From my heart to yours, I want to encourage you and pray with you that God would bring that about.

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