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The Virgin Birth

Does The Moody Church believe in the virgin birth?

The Scriptures teach it. Jesus, preexistent and coeternal with the Father, left His position of glory, and took on flesh through the virgin birth (John 1:1, 14). The incarnation of Christ serves as the gateway for redemption by Christ unifying Himself with the plight of humanity and undeservingly bearing the weight of our sin. The virgin birth, surrounded by debate due to its incomprehensibility, is plainly taught in the Scriptures, but the text in no way implies any Roman Catholic doctrine concerning Mary’s perpetual virginity (Matthew 1:17-25). In fact, Scripture records that Mary had other children who were Jesus’ half-siblings (Matthew 13:54-56).

We believe that the virgin birth preserved the sinlessness of Jesus, since the creation of the infant in the womb of Mary was a direct, divine act. 

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