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Uncovering Islam's Agenda For America

Uncovering Islam's Agenda For America poster

The Tipping Point: Uncovering Islam’s Agenda & Restoring Biblical Truth

Our trip to Turkey is still vivid in my mind. In 2009, Rebecca and I visited the sites of the “Seven Churches of Revelation.” In the town of Philadelphia, I remember seeing the ruins of a destroyed church building, but next to it was a beautiful, well-kept mosque. I was thinking, “What did Jesus mean when He assured this first century church in Philadelphia, ‘I have set before you an open door which no one is able to shut’?” (Revelation 3:7). At each of the seven ancient cities, we saw no visible churches, but mosques were everywhere. Our devout Muslim guide believed that the expansion of Islam in previously Christian lands is proof of its superiority. I was troubled because it made Jesus look weak.

As a result, I sat down that evening and, on the back of an envelope, wrote down six or seven lessons the American church can learn from the once vibrant churches throughout Asia Minor, the Middle East, and North Africa. That was the small seed from which my book grew, titled The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent: An Informed Response to Islam’s War with Christianity.

Little did I realize that someday, our broadcast Running to Win, would be available in Arabic, and we would discover there are many Muslims—some would say millions—who are disillusioned with Islam and seeking the forgiveness only Jesus can give.

Thanks to you—our supporters—this Gospel-driven radio broadcast reaches into Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Yemen, Palestine, Jordan, and others throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

A listener in Sudan writes:

I do not know how to think or feel, as I have no Christians around me and no mentors where I live. So, I cried, asking the Lord to send me help and understanding! That night, I found Running to Win and began listening daily! I felt that God was really talking to me directly on how to manage my life and how to follow His Word in every detail to glorify Him.

A listener in Egypt also writes:

After listening to your episodes, I want out from this ugly feeling of anger since my sister’s tragedy. Can you advise me although I’m a Muslim? I surely want to live in peace.

And read this carefully:

I’ve been following up on episodes from Running to Win. Although there are many things I don’t understand—and some others which contradict what the Qur’an says, I find the teachings are very good, and somehow, they reach my inner soul. So, can you start from the beginning and explain these questions to me: Who is Christ and why should I follow Christ? Then can you pray for me to follow the truth?

In all, several thousands of people have made some kind of connection with our program. A few text messages read:

  • I want to know how to read the Holy Bible.
  • How do I please God?
  • I need to know more about Christianity.
  • I am looking for someone I can trust, talk to, and ask for advice.
  • Is the Holy Spirit the angel Gabriel?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • I cannot find the right way to reach God.

I am deeply touched by such earnest requests, and thankfully, our partners with TransWorld Radio responded directly to them. God is using technology to get the Gospel into Muslim lands, and thanks to people like you, our ministry continues to expand.

Reviving the Church Amid Islamic Influence:
An Informed Response to Islam’s War with Christianity

Pastor Lutzer reveals the silent agenda of Islamic intrusion in the West. And while the mission isn’t new, Islamic influence on our government, schools, and churches has flown under the radar, slowing and systematically suppressing the religious freedoms of Christians in our nation. As believers, we must be deceived no longer! The Word of God is our weapon, and we must stand firm for Christ.

Q: How did you respond to the guide who said Islam’s ability to replace the church (in effect, to crush it’s proof of its superiority?

A: When he first made the remark, I didn’t know what to say because I had never been confronted with that before. But as I thought about it, I realized that truth is not determined by brute strength, namely who wins a war or who doesn’t. Jesus doesn’t have to win now in order to triumph for all of eternity. Meanwhile, He is triumphant in the lives of millions of Muslims who are seeking His forgiveness.

Q: You wrote the book The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent to present lessons we can learn from Islam’s victories in Christian lands. So, give us just one of the seven lessons.

A: Okay, here is the first lesson: We can’t take the future of the church in America for granted. Islam is committed to “purging” the whole Earth by transforming houses of worship into mosques. Whether peaceably or by force, Islam is spreading—even to America. Far-fetched? No, not at all.

Q: Is there any common ground between Islam and Christianity?

A: The Qur’an does make references to Jesus, and many Christians have found this an entry point in sharing the Gospel with Muslims. But you must remember that Islamic teaching says Jesus was only a prophet, not the Son of God. Islam also denies that Jesus was crucified. In their view, the crowd thought they were crucifying Him, but “they crucified him not.” Some unknown person was supposedly put to death instead of Jesus. So, Islam denies the very heart of the Christian message.

Q: Why would Muhammad write that Jesus was not crucified?

A: We must understand that Muhammad had heard many rumors about the history of the Old Testament and Christianity (he lived after the time of Jesus from AD 570 to AD 632). Unfortunately, the true teaching of Scripture had been severely corrupted by word-of-mouth transmission. Therefore, Muslims insist that Jesus was not crucified because God thought so highly of Him that He would never have allowed this “special prophet” to be defeated by dying on the cross.

Q: Okay, let’s follow up on that: Jesus does look defeated as He hung shamefully on the cross, doesn’t He?

A: Yes! And yet that was His finest hour! Here we see both the horror and the glory; we see the Son of God identifying with us as a human being to bear our shame, our guilt, and the hell we deserve. But here, we also see the clearest expression of the love of God—His willingness to suffer not for His sins (He was sinless) but for ours. And even on the cross He maintained His authority; to the thief He said, “Today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43).

Q: We don’t hear much about Islam in America; a few years ago, it was more clearly on our radar, so to speak. Why not?

A: An excellent question. In our culture, the spotlight is focused on our political differences, along with conflicts about race, gender, etc., so Islam is quietly growing unnoticed. In my book, I discuss the hidden agenda of those who wish to spread their vision of a global Islamic state. The United States is a key player in this agenda. I can assure you that these activists have not wavered in their determination to eventually see the Islamic flag (the crescent) fly from the White House.

Are we ready for what might be a terrifying or uncertain future? I want to help us to be prepared and to be faithful Christians in a world that’s lost its way.