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1858 - D.L. Moody established a mission Sunday School at North Market Hall in Chicago

1860 - On November 25, President-elect Abraham Lincoln visits D.L. Moody's Sunday School

1864 - D.L. Moody builds the Illinois Street Mission with a seating capacity of 1,500 for his unchurched converts, it is dedicated on December 30, 1864

1865 - D.L. Moody is elected president of Chicago's YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) and served in that capacity through 1871

1866 - J.H. Harwood is called as the first pastor

1871 - Illinois Street Church burns in the Chicago Fire. The North Side Tabernacle is organized to replace the destroyed building.

1873 - New building finished at Chicago and LaSalle

1876 - North Side Tabernacle is rededicated as the Chicago Avenue Church

1878 - First missionary commissioned: Fredrik Franson

1899 - D.L. Moody dies during an evangelistic crusade in Kansas City

1908 - Chicago Avenue Church is formally renamed The Moody Church

1908 - Sunday morning messages began to be transcribed and printed in the Moody Church Herald.

1915 - Temporary dirt floor tabernacle at Clark and LaSalle, seating 5,000 became the new meeting place

1924 - October 4: excavating for the new church building began

1924 - December 16: cornerstone for the new church building is placed.

1925 - November 8: New church facility dedicated (this is the current building)

1943 - Songs in the Night begins airing in the spring

1964 - Centennial celebration

1968 - Dr. George Sweeting begins broadcasting on Songs In The Night, as the first program host from The Moody Church.

1974 - Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe begins broadcasting on Songs In The Night.

1974 - Moody Church Hour radio program launches in January with  recordings from Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe [Editor’s Note: The service had already been broadcasting live but the exact start-date is not available.] 

1980Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer is called as the 16th Senior Pastor and begins broadcasting on Songs In The Night and Moody Church Hour.

1986 - Arsonist set fire to the pulpit/platform area of the sanctuary

1995 - May 1: The first episode of Running to Win, hosted by Pastor Lutzer, airs on the radio (15-minute version)

2001 - By The Hand Club For Kids™ established. 

2003 - "Moody Church Radio" becomes "Moody Church Media" and live streaming of our Sunday morning service begins.

2006 - Joint radio project with Radio Vocea Evangheliei in Romania, Alege astazi (Choose Today), begins broadcasting a translated version of Pastor Lutzer's sermons.

2007 - Christian Life Center dedicated 

2008 - May 5: The first 25-minute version of Running to Win, hosted by Pastor Lutzer, airs on the radio.

2011 - April 13: new website for The Moody Church launches

2013 - March 1: new website for Moody Church Media launches

2015 - Celebrating the Joy of Changed Lives 150th Anniversary Celebration

2016 - May 22: Pastor Erwin Lutzer becomes Pastor Emeritus with further opportunities to travel and write. 

2016 - Naomi's House established. 

2016Running To Win begins airing in Spanish.

2019Running To Win begins airing in Arabic.

2020 - March 29: Rev. Philip Miller is called as the 17th Senior Pastor. He began preaching in July and was publically installed in September, 2021. 

2020Running To Win begins airing across Nigeria in English.

2023Running To Win begins airing in Russian, Portuguese, and across India in English.