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Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible Study Guide

Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible Study Guide

  • Author: Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
  • Format: Study Guide

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Can you trust the Bible?

Many answer this question with a staunch "No!" Critics increasingly attempt to poke holes in the authority of Scripture and deflate faith among believers. But ask Dr. Erwin Lutzer if you can trust the Bible, and he'll give a resounding "Yes!"

In this accompanying study guide to his top-selling book Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible, Dr. Lutzer offers additional teachings on the reliability of Scripture. In clear and engaging lessons, he expounds on:

  1. The Bible's claims about itself
  2. The historical reliability of the Bible
  3. The prophetic predictions of the Bible
  4. The claims of Christ concerning Scripture
  5. The harmony between science and the Bible
  6. The providence of God in preserving Scripture
  7. The power of the Bible to change lives

Let this guide—ideal for group and individual viewing—increase your confidence in God's Word.

Intended to be used with the Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible DVD.

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Number of Pages: 
Date Published: 
July 1, 2015
Original Sermon Series: 
Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible