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Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible

Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible

Learning to Defend Your Faith in a Skeptical World

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Since the Bible is a book bearing the marks of both human and divine authorship, it has fascinated its readers for centuries. Are there good reasons to accept it as a revelation from God? In these messages Pastor Lutzer gives reasons why the Bible is worthy of our trust. In addition to showing the logical coherence of the Bible, other relevant issues are discussed.

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
The Moody Church
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Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible

Sermons in this Series:

1. When God Speaks
2. A Logical Reason: The Claims Of The Bible
3. A Historical Reason: The Reliability Of The Bible
4. A Prophetic Reason: The Predictions Of The Bible
5. An Unavoidable Reason: The Christ Of The Bible
6. A Scientific Reason: Creation And The Bible
7. A Providential Reason: The Canon Of The Bible
8. A Personal Reason: The Power Of The Bible