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The Power Of A Clear Conscience

The Power Of A Clear Conscience

Letting God Free You from Your Past

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Many Christians find it impossible to move forward in serving the Lord because of a nagging conscience—either because of personal failures or because of guilt inherited from their upbringing. With a heart that condemns them, they find it difficult to have confidence in God and His promises. 

This sermon series seeks to explain how to apply the promises of God in our lives in order to free us from both the real guilt of our offenses and the false guilt that others expect us to bear.  We’ll learn how to have a clear conscience toward God and toward others, and how to break cycles of sin that often beset us. 

May we experience the joy that overflows from a heart that relies on the deep assurance of God’s forgiveness and love for all of His children. With clear consciences we can relate to others with freedom and sleep in peace. 

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
The Moody Church
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The Power Of A Clear Conscience

Sermons in this Series:

1. Living in the Shadows
2. It's Not All Your Fault
3. Becoming that Impossible Person
4. Why Lady Macbeth Didn't Have to Commit Suicide
5. The Truth that Hurts and Heals
6. Walking in the Light
7. Forgiven Forever
8. Just Lay it Down
9. Reconciling Broken Relationships
10. Keeping Your Conscience Clear