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10 Lies About God

10 Lies About God

And the Truth that Shatters Deception

  • Author: Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
  • Format: Paperback Book

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The clearer we see God, the clearer we shall see ourselves. With this conviction firmly in mind, Dr. Erwin Lutzer examines ten lies about our Maker that have crept into spiritual thought in postmodern times. And he notes that these deceits are prominent not only in non-Christian minds but in the professing church as well.

On the surface, each of these lies may appear at least partially true or even harmless. But, as Dr. Lutzer reveals, each harbors a distinct danger: It isn't biblical, so it puts our faith at risk.

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Date Published: 
January 7, 2009
Original Sermon Series: 
Ten Lies About God


  1. Lie 1: God Is Whatever We Want Him To Be
  2. Lie 2: Many Paths Lead Into God's Presence
  3. Lie 3: God Is More Tolerant Than He Used To Be
  4. Lie 4: God Has Never Personally Suffered
  5. Lie 5: God Is Obligated To Save Followers Of Other Religions
  6. Lie 6: God Takes No Responsibility For Natural Disasters
  7. Lie 7: God Does Not Know Our Decisions Before We Make Them
  8. Lie 8: The Fall Ruined God's Plan
  9. Lie 9: We Must Choose Between God's Pleasures And Our Own
  10. Lie 10: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves