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You Don't Know What You Are Missing

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | August 10, 1975

Selected highlights from this sermon

The secular world questioned and taunted the Jews, “Where is your God?” Everybody worships something, but if you’re not worshiping the Almighty God, then you are worshiping an idol and are spiritually dead. Pastor Wiersbe walks us through six comparisons between the one true God and the idols of the world.

Are you trusting the right God?

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.

The psalms are the hymn book of the Bible, and knowing their background makes the psalms more meaningful to us.

Psalm 115 was a Passover psalm.

The secular world questioned and taunted the Jews, “Where is your God?”

Everybody worships something.

The thing you turn to when life gets difficult, sacrifice for, and controls your life, that is your God.

If you don’t know the true, living God, you don’t know what you are missing.

Six things you are missing if you do not know God:

  • Promises of God
    • Other gods have a mouth that cannot talk.
    • The Word of God is filled with promises.
    • God talks to us through His Word.
    • If you aren’t living by the promises of God, what are you living by?
    • We have a promise for what happens after this life.
  • Protection of God
    • Other gods have eyes that cannot see.
    • God sees where we are at all times.
    • God guides us in all times of life, the good and bad.
    • Who protects you in the trials and difficulties of life?
  • Prayers to God
    • Other gods have ears that cannot hear.
    • A child naturally talks to their father.
    • God hears and answers our prayers.
  • Praise to God
    • Other gods have a nose that cannot smell.
    • Have you ever been filled with an overwhelming sense of the goodness of God?
    • In the Old Testament, the Jews offered sacrifices as praise to God.
    • Jesus’ sacrifice makes us able to praise God at any time.
    • Praise is the highest activity we can do to bring glory to God.
    • Witnessing is the result of praising and worship God.
    • When we praise God, we are doing the same activity as the angels in heaven.
  • Power of God
    • Other gods have hands that cannot move.
    • It is a wonderful thing to have the hand of God on your life.
  • Presence of God
    • Other gods have legs that cannot walk.
    • God goes with us wherever we are.

We have all of these things of God only through Jesus Christ.

Where is your God? What is the God you’re trusting?

You become like the god you worship.

If we are worshiping Jesus, we will have eyes to see the needs of others, ears to hear their cries, hands busy serving, feet ready to go, and mouths quick to pray and encourage.

If you are worshiping an idol, you too are dead.

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