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The Song Of Freedom

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | September 2, 1973

Selected highlights from this sermon

Psalm 119 is a beautiful acrostic psalm entirely about the Word of God. But, as Pastor Wiersbe reminds us, the Christian life is more than just following God’s rules. It’s about growing in relationship with God through His Word. And if we have a right attitude toward the Bible, it can transform our lives.

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.

Psalm 119 was written as an acrostic of the Hebrew alphabet too make it easy to memorize.

The theme of Psalm 119 is the Word of God.

What is your attitude toward your Bible?

Four essential attitudes we must have toward the Word of God:

  • We must have an attitude of faith (Psalm 119:41-42).
    • Our Christian life began with faith in Jesus Christ revealed to us through the Word of God.
    • We have salvation according to the Word of God.
    • We are saved by faith, and we live by faith.
    • We can trust the Bible because it is the Word of God.
    • Obedience to God leads to liberty, but disobedience brings bondage.
    • The person who trusts the Word of God obeys it.
  • We must have an attitude of hope (Psalm 119:43, 49).
    • If we are trusting in ourselves or anything else in the world, we will have no hope.
    • The Word of God stands forever.
    • Whenever we are discouraged, we can open the Bible for encouragement.
    • Those who have Jesus as their Savior know they always have something to look forward to.
    • God knows the plans He has for our lives.
  • We must have an attitude of love (Psalm 119:47).
    • The Bible is the eternal Word of God.
    • When we read the Bible, we are meeting Jesus and growing in our love for Him.
    • How much we read the Bible is a reflection of our love for God.
    • We hear from God by reading the Bible.
    • When we love the Word of God our values are straightened out.
  • We must have an attitude of joy (Psalm 119:54).
    • The Christian life is about a balance of statutes and praise.
    • Mature Christians find joy in following God’s statutes.
    • The Word of God turns responsibilities into pleasure.
    • It is a privilege to serve the Lord.
    • When your life is governed by the Word of God there is beauty and harmony.

What is your relationship with the Word of God?

Ask God to give you a heart that grows in love toward His Word.

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