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The Heart Of Israel's History

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | May 20, 1973

Selected highlights from this sermon

Romans 10 tells us about Israel’s rejection of God, His righteousness, His Word, His messengers, and ultimately, His love. As Paul reveals this, he is simultaneously warning us to not be like the Israelites. God’s righteousness is still available to those who would receive Him.

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.

Romans 9–11 give us the prophetic history of Israel: past election, present rejection, and future salvation.

Israel’s rejection of God’s gifts is four-fold.

  • Israel rejected God’s righteousness (Romans 10:1-4).
    • To be saved means to be rescued from danger and bondage and have your future made secure.
    • Paul’s theme in Romans is righteousness.
    • Righteousness is needed by all, given by Christ, and practiced through faith.
    • The Jewish leaders placed their own righteousness on top of God’s Law.
    • God’s righteousness is Jesus Christ, but the Jews were not willing to submit to Him.
    • Jesus fulfilled the Law and finished it in Himself.
    • When we have Jesus, we have the righteousness of the Law in Him.
    • We are saved by Jesus’ finished work.
  • Israel rejected God’s Word (Romans 10:5-13).
    • Jesus is revealed through Scripture.
    • Righteousness through the law tells us to “do” and “try,” but righteousness through faith tells us “done” and “trust.”
    • The Word of God is near us and can be trusted.
    • The Word of God is only difficult when we do not submit to it.
    • The Word of God will never fail us.
  • Israel rejected God’s messengers (Romans 10:14-17).
    • God’s Word is carried by God’s messengers.
    • There is a sequence to salvation: a messenger is sent by God who proclaims Jesus Christ, sinners hear the Word of God, and the sinner believes and calls on the Lord.
    • What have you done with God’s messengers?
    • We should have feet willing to take the Gospel to others.
  • Israel rejected God’s love (Romans 10:18-21).
    • When Jesus came, He brought light into the world.
    • Today is the day of grace, not judgment.
    • God showed us His love by giving His Son.

God’s righteousness is a gift to those who will receive Him.

Don’t waste time rejecting God.

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