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Is Life A Gamble?

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | January 11, 1976

Selected highlights from this sermon

Most unbelievers view life as a gamble. But is it? As Christians, we know that our life is lived by choice. It’s a life lived to serve others and to live for spiritual matters not material possessions. The Christian can look at the cross and know that life is not a gamble because of what Jesus has done.

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.

Most of the unbelieving world view life as a gamble.

Is this true?

There was gambling at the foot of the cross for Jesus’ clothing.

We can use the cross as a test to answer the question, “Is life a gamble?”

The contrasts between Jesus and the soldiers who crucified Him show us that life is not a gamble.

The Christian life is not a gamble.

  • The Christian life is lived by choice not by chance.
    • We began our spiritual life by choosing to accept Christ.
    • Life is a series of appointments made by God.
    • Jesus’ whole life was providentially
    • We can either waste out life on chance or choose to invest it in eternity.
    • The Christian life is day by day walking in the will of God.
    • Jesus knows all of our struggles and He will guide us until our final days.
  • The Christian life is lived for others not for self.
    • Gambling is a very selfish activity.
    • Our society is selfish and materialistic.
    • Don’t measure your life by wealth, but in terms of service and sacrifice.
    • We must be good stewards of our life and mind.
  • The Christian life is lived for the spiritual not for the material.
    • We do not need to gamble to have excitement in life.
    • Christians are not against things or money, but they should be recognized as gifts from God.
    • We might succeed in life, but we will not be truly happy without God.
    • Nothing that Jesus has promised to us has ever failed.

Are you going to gamble with your life or put your faith in Jesus?

You only have one life to live on Earth; don’t waste it.

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