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How The Baby Grows!

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | September 5, 1976

Selected highlights from this sermon

When we are born into the family of God through faith in Christ, we can’t stay “baby” Christians forever. Our new birth is just the beginning of life in Christ. In this message, Pastor Wiersbe gives us four principles to help us grow up in our Christian lives.

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.

Birth is the beginning of life.

A believer is born again in order to be part of and grow in the family of God.

A baby is born for enlargement, which leads to enrichment, which leads to fulfillment.

Four principles we must know and understand in order to grow in the Christian life.

  • We grow from the inside out.
    • Three essentials for growth: food, exercise, and cleanliness.
    • The Word of God is the food for believers.
    • When a believer wants something other than the Word of God for their spiritual diet, they must to be careful of forgetting the real spiritual nutrients.
    • Exercise is godly work that serves others and the Lord.
  • We grow in a family.
    • A family offers a baby protection, provision, and affection.
    • The church is God’s family for raising new believers.
    • The church is a family who is committed to staying together.
    • The church isn’t perfect, but it will help you grow up.
  • We grow in a balanced
    • Sometimes people get stuck on one aspect of the Christian life (e.g. doctrine, missions, prophecy, etc.).
    • We must translate our learning into living and grace.
    • We must balance being alone with the Lord and serving God’s people.
    • We become a balanced Christian by feeding on all of the Word of God, keeping fellowship with God’s children, and seeking to win others to Christ.
  • We grow to a predetermined image.
    • When a baby is conceived, their genetic code is sealed.
    • When we are born again, we become more like the image of the Son.
    • As we become more like Christ, we become more of ourselves.

Have you been born into the family of God?

If you are born again, are you growing? How are you growing?

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