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The Moody Church’s theological position regarding the Trinity.


Bought At High Cost

Our salvation starts with the Trinity. The Father chose us. The Son redeemed us. The Spirit sealed us. 


The Dance

In the Upper Room on the last night before facing the cross, Jesus poured out His heart to His disciples, teaching them (and us) how to live in the love of God. Why? Because living in the love of God is what we were made for—it’s everything.

Jesus’ words in the last half of John 14, are some of the most tender words in all the Scriptures, but are notoriously difficult to outline. Pastor Miller steers us through these passages from three angles: our love of God, God’s love of us, and the life of love. Then he reminds us that the Spirit enables through us what the Son commands of us so that the Father delights in us.


The Tri-Unity Of God

Those who believe in the Son are invited to participate in the relationship of the Trinity.


To The Praise Of His Glory

Before time began, God knew you, loved you, and chose you. He set His affections upon you, and purposed that you would be his child, that you would be with Him, holy and blameless.