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How Should A Christian Vote?

Voting with a Christian Conscience I believe the evangelical church has finally been forced to conclude we cannot depend upon politics to turn this country around, bring us back to biblical principles, or reverse the anti-Christian bigotry developing in the courts, the media, and the wider culture. Only the church, armed with the Gospel, is able to bring lasting change in the hearts and lives of people. God’s House—and not the White House—holds the key to the future of our nation. If there’s ever been a time for the church to stand tall, it’s today—whether it’s with or without support … Read More >


Should Depictions Of Christ Be Forbidden?

Historically, Christians have proven contentious and confrontational concerning depicting Jesus in any form. Even since the flashpoints of iconoclasm (image/symbol breaking) during the early Middle Ages and the Reformation, the issue has never been completely without debate. We must approach this with an open mind and a respectable degree of tolerance.  Let’s begin by discussing the nature of idolatry in the Scriptures, and why it was consistently condemned. Let us examine Exodus 20:3-5. You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above … Read More >


Séances, Palm Readings, Auto-Writing & Other Occult Practices

A great flaw of Western Christianity is its profound ignorance and trivialization of the occult with its related activities. The Scriptures not only confirm their reality and danger, but they also consistently condemn any association with them (Leviticus 19:31, 20:6; 2 Chronicles 33:6; Galatians 5:19-20; Revelation 21:8). In fact, the church in Ephesus gives us an example of how occult practices were removed from the early church (Acts 19:11-20). No syncreticism (a blending of two or more belief systems) was allowed, as Christ alone was and is sufficient.  Condoning (or observing) occult practices … Read More >


Compassion In Community

The example of Christ leads us to reach the outcasts, because He can heal and restore anyone.


When God Comes

If you believe in a god who does not affect the way you live, you have not believed in the right God.

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A Prayer for Holiness

Speak to all the congregation of the people of Israel and say to them, ‘You shall be holy, for I the LORD your God am holy.’”—Leviticus 19:2 There are many ways in which we cannot be like God; we’ll never possess attributes such as omniscience, omnipotence, or omnipresence. But one way in which we can, in a measure, be like Him, is in the matter of holiness. “You shall be holy, for I am holy” is a scriptural refrain. In a word, we are to be imitators of God in matters of holiness. Holiness should be the … Read More >


Body Piercing, Tattoos And Cosmetic Surgery

We belong to God by reason of creation; we also now belong to God by reason of redemption. In effect, we are “twice God’s,” for we can claim nothing of our own. The implications are clear: We do not have the right to say, “This is my body, I can do what I want with it.” I have no more a right to do what I want with my own body than I have the right to do what I want with the money loaned to me by a friend who is expecting a return on his investment. The … Read More >


Do Demons Exist And What Are They Like?

Within in the church, and throughout broader society, a great deal of mysticism and superstition surrounds the reality, ability, and work of demons. Because of this haze of opinions, we must root our understanding in Scripture.  The Demonic Narrative Satan is the origin of evil, the father of lies (John 8:44).  Satan and his angels apparently still have access to heaven because during the tribulation period, there will be a war in heaven and they will be cast out unto the earth (Revelation 12:7-9).  Though crushed by the work of Christ two thousand years ago … Read More >

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