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Compassion In Community

The example of Christ leads us to reach the outcasts, because He can heal and restore anyone.


When God Comes

If you believe in a god who does not affect the way you live, you have not believed in the right God.


The Fall Of Jericho

Now Jericho was straitly shut up because of the children of Israel; none went out and none came in” (Joshua 6:1). The walled city of Jericho was the first obstacle that met the people of Israel as they looked forward from the camp at Gilgal to taking possession of the inheritance, which was theirs already by title, that is, by Jehovah’s gift, but which they had to make their own experimentally by driving out or destroying the inhabitants of the land, who had become so vile in the sight of the Lord that He could no longer tolerate them. Because … Read More >


The Great Divide: Same-Sex Marriage And The Evangelical Christian

The Great Divide, as geologists call it, is a rocky ridge that runs from the mountains in Alaska all the way through South America. The water on the west side of the Divide runs into the Pacific Ocean; the water on the east side finds its way toward the Atlantic. Water that at one time was flowing in the same river is now separated, and never again the twain shall meet. The decision of the Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states has confronted us with our own great divide: on the one side are those who hold … Read More >


Praying For The World

God’s eternal plan to save people from every nation, tribe, and language is unable to be thwarted. 


The Year Of Jubilee

Address given by Dr. H.A. Ironside on his fiftieth anniversary as a preacher of the Gospel. I want you to turn with me this morning, please, to the 25th chapter of the book of Leviticus. I have selected that you are graciously celebrating with me these days what you have been pleased to call my Golden Jubilee—whether golden or not, it is my jubilee. The jubilee is 50 years and 50 years have gone by since God in His marvelous grace gave me to trust Christ as my Saviour and then Jesus Christ put it in my heart to go … Read More >


Mixed Marriages

Preface “Bill will attend his church and I’ll go to mine.” “We’ll work it out as we go along.” “We truly love each other, and love conquers all.” These are some of the carefully chosen phrases used to launch a mixed marriage. But actual living proves the statements to be false. The irrefutable fact is that divorce occurs three times as often in mixed [faith] marriages as in marriages between members of the same faith. The thrill of loving and of being loved temporarily minimizes all obstacles to a mixed marriage. The enchanting ecstasy of marriage plans, the flowing beauty … Read More >

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