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Information on faith, who you should have faith in, and what God allows in our lives to strengthen our faith in Him.

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5 Minutes With Pastor Lutzer | Strength For The Journey Part 12

Today we examine the great testing of Abraham’s faith in Genesis 22. This seemingly unthinkable story from the life of Abraham reveals the merciful heart of God and offers a veiled glimpse of the promised future salvation—a redeeming sacrifice. Here are all of the ways that you can follow along with 5 Minutes With Pastor Lutzer: On our Podcast via iTunes and Google Play On our Facebook page On our YouTube channel Transcript: Welcome to “5 Minutes with Pastor Lutzer.” I’m so glad that you joined us today. We are coming near the end of our study of the life of Abraham—“Strength for the Journey.” … Read More >

Blog Post

Do You Believe You Can Win Against Sin? | How To Break a Stubborn Habit #5

Many of us are stuck in a rut by our sinful behavior. But we can say “no” to sin because of the resources we have in Christ. Pastor Lutzer discusses how we can stand firm in the work Jesus accomplished on our behalf. If we have no obligation to follow the sinful desires of the flesh, what keeps drawing us back to the demands of our old life?  Get the book, How To Break A Stubborn Habit. Here are all of the ways that you can follow along with 5 Minutes With Pastor Lutzer: On our Podcast via iTunes … Read More >