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Moody Church Hour

When Jesus Observes Our Reality

July 10, 2022

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God sees us for who we really are. The church at Sardis was confronted by Jesus in Revelation 3 because they had a spotless reputation, but their hearts were rotten. In this message, we listen to Jesus’ rebuke, remedy, and ultimately the reward for repentance. Whose opinion could be more important than Jesus’?

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What Jesus Thinks Of His Church

What Jesus Thinks Of His Church

The seven churches of Revelation to whom Jesus dictated His letters are prototypes of the churches that exist today. These messages are designed to help us evaluate what our letter would say if Jesus were to write his opinion of us! Here is rebuke, instruction, and encouragement. And, best of all, we are hearing these truths from the One whose opinion really matters! Great benefit was derived from John Stott’s book What Christ Thinks of the Church when these messages were prepared.

This series contains 8 sermons on 4 CDs.