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Moody Church Hour

The Light Shines On A Governor

November 13, 2022

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Many today ignore their conscience when confronted with Christianity. The Apostle Paul spoke directly to Felix, causing the Caesarean governor to become uncomfortable. In this message, we hear a clear warning against the love of money or people’s opinions. Are we willing to sacrifice being comfortable in the here and now?

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Light Shining In The Darkness

Light Shining In The Darkness

The book of Acts shows us the light of the gospel confronting the pagan culture of the day. This is especially clear in the courage and relentless passion of Paul and his companions as they established churches and witnessed wherever they went. In this series of messages, Pastor Lutzer helps us grasp the strategy and message of the early church, and how we can apply this knowledge to our own culture as we shine the light of the gospel into our increasingly dark world.

This CD series containing 8 sermons on 4 CD’s can be yours as our thank you for your gift.