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The King Judges Unbelievers

June 06, 2021

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The idea of final judgment offends many people. They can’t believe that God would send anyone to an everlasting hell. But we must take a sobering look at what the Bible teaches concerning the final destiny of all who never believed in Jesus for salvation. Why will unbelievers be judged this way? And what is the basis of this judgment?

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The King Is Coming

THE END IS NEAR. These words can be a wake-up call or a comfort. While acknowledging that what is yet to come for the world is beyond the scope of our finite minds, Pastor Erwin Lutzer reminds us that we have not been left completely in the dark. There is much we can know. The King Is Coming has been written precisely to aid your own personal examination of Scripture’s prophecies. Saturated with both humility and a sense of urgency, this book not only provides answers for those questioning what comes next, but also empowerment and instruction to live accordingly in the here and now.

This paperback book contains 202 pages.