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Moody Church Hour

Jesus The Gift Of Love

December 20, 2020

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How do we reconcile the Bible saying that “God is love” with all the evil in the world? Many have problems seeing the love of God in natural disasters, wars, and human suffering. If these issues trouble you, we find a compelling answer in the story of Christmas.

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A Closer Look At The Evidence

Is there evidence for God? Why not take a closer look? A Closer Look at the Evidence offers incredible evidence for the existence of our Creator. This book draws from expert sources to show how multiple areas of study confirm that God’s Word can be trusted as a basis for truth, guidance, and hope. A Closer Look raises a number of questions, such as:

  • How do dinosaurs fit into Biblical history?
  • What animal swallows its young and incubates them in its stomach?
  • Could random mutations have written the language of the DNA code?
  • If Adam and Eve had three sons, where did Cain find a wife?
  • How can we KNOW God exists and the Bible is credible?

The answers to these questions, along with hundreds of fascinating examples of God’s fingerprints on creation, are contained in these pages.