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Question 79

Q: I was disturbed by your recent comment that God is not safe. If God isn’t safe, then who is?

Asked by: Diana, Connecticut

A: Well Diana, I’m so glad that you gave me an opportunity to clarify what I meant.

You know, the statement that God isn’t safe actually comes from the writing of C.S. Lewis. He’s talking about Aslan the lion, which represents Jesus Christ, and he’s not safe. What Lewis means is that God is a God of justice and judgment. And furthermore, I would like to add that the reason that God “isn’t safe,” I put that in quotes, is because we can’t predict what He’s going to do. I know, for example, in certain situations, what my father will do, but I don’t know what my Father in heaven might do.

So, when we say that God “isn’t safe,” we mean “don’t toy with God, because God is a God of justice and righteousness.” Now having said all of that, He is safe in the sense that we can hold on to His promises. You know the Bible uses wonderful figures of speech like when we have come to trust Him and He hides us under His wings.

At the end of the day, the promises of God are sure, but from here until we arrive at the heavenly city, there’ll be many difficulties, many hardships, and we can never predict what’s going to take place. God is safe if you look at it from the standpoint of His promises and ultimate grace.

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