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Question 76

Q: Would it be acceptable for a Christian to enter the military on a non-combat basis?

What about on a combat basis? What’s acceptable to the Lord?

Asked by: J.T., Illinois

A: Well you know J.T., I do believe that it’s acceptable for a Christian to enter the armed forces.

In Romans 13 the text not only exhorts us to be obedient to the state, but also shows that the sword is used to keep peace and to promote freedom.

I don’t agree with those folks who say that the Sermon on the Mount negates the fact that sometimes war is inevitable and Christians should join and fight for their country. But what is very important, J.T., is a Christian should not violate one’s conscience. But if you do not have a conscience that would be troubled by going to battle, I would say that indeed you can, and still be a fine Christian serving the Lord.

Scripture references

  • Romans 13

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