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Question 6

Q: I’m overwhelmed with fearful thoughts.

I know God is my only hope, but I can’t get free from chains of doubt and fear, and I feel like a useless blob of nothing. What do I do?

Asked by: Nancy, Ohio

A: Nancy, you’re doing the right thing by continuing to hope in God.

And the fact that you recognize your stumbling blocks is praiseworthy as well.

Here are a few practical suggestions that I pray will help—some of which you may already be doing.

First, keep memorizing verses of Scripture. Focus on verses that remind us that we can cast our care upon the Lord, and that we need not be anxious for anything. Psalm 27, where David deals with the issue of fear, is a good place to start.

Now this step may be a little more difficult, but it can be done. Commit your way to God, and genuinely take those burdens and transfer them onto His shoulders. You were not meant to bear those heavy burdens. When doubt enters your mind, immediately pray and give it to the Lord. He’s able to bear what you can’t.

Here’s something very important. You need the members of the Body of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to ask some friends to pray with you. It’s not enough to hear them say, “We’ll pray for you.” No. You must pray with them. Get down on your knees with them. Let them bear your burdens—let them go to God on your behalf. I’ve learned that God gives us the Body of Christ to help us through those dark times that we can’t get through on our own. So often healing for our inner brokenness happens through interaction with other people who can affirm us, identify with us and be there when we need them.

From my heart to yours, Nancy, keep trusting, believing, committing. Use the Body of Jesus Christ that it might function the way God intended it to. He’ll bring you through this and the sun will shine again.

Scripture references

  • Psalms 27

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