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Question 195

Q: When Jesus was placed in the tomb, the Bible only speaks of a linen cloth wrapped about Him.

Where and when did the name “Shroud of Turin” come about? I don’t really see this particular wording in the Bible, and wondered if the name just came to be as archeologists and historians got involved to see if it is the “real” thing. 

Asked by: Bonnie

A: I’m sure that you can go online and find out a great deal about the Shroud of Turin.

But the bottom line is this, nobody knows what happened to the linen cloth, or the shroud, in which Jesus was placed when He was put into the tomb. But people love tradition and mythology, and that’s why you have mythology growing up around, for example, the Holy Grail, supposedly the cup used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper. And I put the Shroud of Turin in that category.

It’s believed that somehow this shroud got from Jerusalem to Turin, and that’s why it’s called the “Shroud of Turin.” And as archaeologists and experts look at it, they can see the outline of a human being who evidently was crucified because of the location of the bloodstains, etc.

However, I don’t believe in the resurrection because of the Shroud of Turin. I believe in the resurrection because it is so clearly spelled out in the Bible by the four different gospel writers, by the apostle Paul, historically, and also even in secular literature. That is a sure word. The Shroud of Turin may be of interest to many, many different people but it is only a shroud. In my opinion it is not proof of Jesus and the resurrection. It may never have been His shroud, but the traditions that grew up around it have made it famous. 

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