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Question 19

Q: My husband is extremely angry with our teenage granddaughter who has gotten pregnant.

He wants to ignore the matter and not give her any attention. She is a born-again Christian and has confessed before our church congregation. In my heart I’ve forgiven her, and I know God has forgiven her. She knows this as well. How do I get past wanting to confront my husband’s anger and show love and care for our granddaughter at the same time? 

Asked by: Sylvia, Georgia

A: Well, my friend, Sylvia, I hope that your husband gets on his knees and repents of his attitude.

Here’s a granddaughter who was undoubtedly involved in a sinful relationship, but she’s acknowledged it, and she’s confessed it before the church. Your husband should be grateful that this young woman has turned to God. Think of the thousands of others in this same predicament who have turned away from God at a moment like this.

Second, your husband has to realize that God may mightily use the child she’s bearing.  In fact, sometime I’d like to preach a sermon and include the stories of people that I know who were conceived out of wedlock whom God has greatly used. I’m thinking of Erasmus, the great Greek scholar, and of Felix Manz, who was a great martyr in the city of Zurich during the time of the Reformation. And there are thousands of others who were thus conceived and they were unusually blessed of God.

Let’s remember that God’s providence and God’s forgiveness is great enough to encompass all of the sins and failures of human beings. Your granddaughter, at this moment, needs her grandfather’s love and acceptance. I hope that when this baby is born, he or she will receive very special attention and love because that child is a child created in God’s image, and I hope that God will use him or her to His glory.

Continue to pray for God to give you wisdom on how to get this across to your husband.

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