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Question 183

Q: It seems that one hears an abundance of prosperity teaching on Christian networks these days.

My question is this: Why do well-known, mainstream pastors tend to lend credibility to these networks by appearing on them, or by allowing their own programming to be aired on those stations? What are your thoughts on this? 

Asked by: Robert, Birmingham

A: Robert, this is not an easy question to answer and it might not have a yes or no kind of response.

On the one hand, I see your point. When legitimate ministries go on these networks that preach a false gospel, it seems as if they are legitimatizing that false gospel. On the other hand, an argument can be made that when you have a network that is teaching falsehood, it’s wonderful to have programs on that network that are teaching the truth.

During the days of The Da Vinci Code, because I wrote a book on the topic, I was invited to various networks in order to defend the Bible against this heretical novel. And I accepted some of those invitations, because even though I didn’t agree with what the networks taught, I believed that getting the truth out there was so important that I was willing to go wherever I could to tell people about the real Jesus.

So what we need to do is realize that we can’t judge those who go on these networks to preach the truth, even they’re surrounded by those who have a different, or even heretical, point of view. Meanwhile, let’s pray for both groups—that the true Gospel will go to millions through the various means of technology.

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