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Question 175

Q: My father-in-law lives over a thousand miles away and is a Jehovah’s Witness. Every year, my wife insists that our children should spend the month of June with him. I disagree. As a Christian, I don’t think that our children should be separated from us for weeks at a time while being exposed to what I regard as a cult. To make matters worse, their meetings are held in the home that our children are staying in.

Our teenage daughter now tells us that when she’s 18, she’s moving there to be with her friends in this group. 

Please give me some direction. 

Asked by: Darrell, Ohio

A: Well, my friend I want to speak to you very candidly. You are the father, and you are to be the head of your home.

I can understand the pressure that you’re under to satisfy your wife who wants the children to be with her father. But the fact is, this is a very serious matter, and your children are being led astray which you can see by the doctrines that are being propounded and by friendships that are being made in that environment.

At this point, you must take authority and help your wife understand that your children are not going to be going there. There are probably alternatives for your children to spend time with their grandfather. I just pray that it isn’t too late for your 18-year-old daughter and your other children.

This is a matter that needs to be resolved between you and your wife, and it needs to be handled lovingly. But there needs to be some tough love, and you need to say where the lines are drawn. Even now, my friend, I’m praying for you, because I know that this is difficult, but you need to see your way through. You have responsibility for your wife, and God will hold you accountable for the teaching and the guidance of your children. I pray that you’ll be able to step into that role and do it successfully.

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