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Question 162

Q: What does it mean to blaspheme the Holy Spirit?

At one time when I was a teenager I felt I had blasphemed the Holy Spirit, and now I wonder if I’m able to be saved.

Asked by: Rayjean

A: Rayjean, hear this from my heart to yours, we’ve all been where you are.

I remember as a teenager, I had some horrible thoughts and I thought for sure I blasphemed the Holy Spirit. The good news is I didn’t, and the good news is you didn’t either.

The blaspheming against the Holy Spirit is the sin that the nation of Israel committed when they rejected Jesus as the Messiah. They committed the sin of the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Now there is a derivative kind of sin, and that’s somebody who hardens his heart against God. They become absolutely hard, they want nothing to do with God, they’ve stifled the work of the Holy Spirit, and they can’t be saved because they don’t want to believe, nor can they believe.

But you are different, you are different because you wrote to me, and you asked about the question because you’re concerned. Rayjean, if you want to believe on Jesus, you believe, you trust. Come to Him, come to Him with your doubts. Come to Him with your conscience that troubles you and receive the gift of eternal life that Jesus Christ died to give to those who would trust Him. 

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