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Question 155

Q: I already know the history of Halloween. What I need to know is why Christians should not celebrate Halloween?  

Asked by: Judy

A: Well Judy, if you know the history of Halloween, then you probably should know why I believe Christians should not celebrate it.

Sometime ago I did a study of the history of Halloween, evidently you did that as well, and discovered that it is deeply rooted in occultism. Even the symbols of Halloween have occultic meanings, and because of that, we should stay away from Halloween.

Halloween is indeed a time of increased demonic activity. If you’ve ever dealt with people who are troubled by evil spirits, you know how much they fear Halloween. So I believe that we should not celebrate it, I think that we should think creatively as parents for an alternative.

Here at The Moody Church, we have a special fall celebration that takes the place of Halloween, and we give it an entirely different meaning.

Many Christians probably allow their children to go out and participate with trick or treat. That may be okay, but I strongly caution you, do not have any associations with the occult. Dress your children up, not as witches or other occult figures, so that they understand that that is not to be a part of their lives. Use entirely different costumes and separate yourself, at least some way, from Halloween and all of its intended interpretations.

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