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Question 150

Q: My sister, who is a former Catholic but hasn’t been to church in 30 years, has many problems both health-wise and otherwise.

I think she’s had every medical ailment known to mankind, except cancer, so far. She’s dealt with spiritual mediums in the past. Could this have affected her somehow?  

Asked by: Ken

A: Well Ken, of course I don’t know your situation, so I need to be able to speak with hesitancy and humility here, but the general answer is yes.

When people are involved in the occult, it can have a tremendous affect on them. It may affect them emotionally, it certainly affects them spiritually, and it can also affect them physically. All that you need to do is read the New Testament and see the accounts of demonic spirits, how Jesus dealt with them, and see the very debilitating effect that they can have on the life of anyone.

Now the question is: how do you approach your sister? If you come to her and tell her just what I’ve told you, she will probably be resentful. So the best approach may be to ask her a lot of questions. That gives her the opportunity to answer, and she won’t feel as if you’re dictating to her. And you might find that she is more open about these matters than you might think she is, at least that’s what I’ve discovered that about people who have been into the occult.

However, she may simply rebuff you and say that this has nothing to do with her problems, so what you need to do then is to pray for her, maybe give her something to read that will help her to see that this indeed may have been affected by her past.

And of course, the very best thing you could do, if she would allow you, is to lead her to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Then the two of you could pray together, you could rebuke any evil of the past and battle these things together.

The bottom line Ken: keep praying, keep thinking, keep loving, keep trying to understand, and let us pray that God may indeed bring your sister through this.

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