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Question 140

Q: There’s a lot of buzz these days about the end times and preparedness.

Some people are going solar and are trying to be as self-sufficient as possible. They have stores of food and other supplies. This isn’t a bad idea especially considering the natural disasters that we’ve seen happen in our lifetime, but what about those who say they are doing it to prepare for the Great Tribulation. Is this biblical?

Asked by: Misty

A: Well Misty, to some extent, it depends who you ask, it depends on if they’re pre or post-trib.

Those of us who are pre-tribulational—who believe that the Church is going to be raptured before the tribulation period—we would be inconsistent if we were to hoard supplies, unless, of course, we were doing it for unsaved relatives or friends.

But if you’re post-trib, and believe that the Church is going to go through the tribulation, I suppose you can begin to prepare for it.

But when I read the book of Revelation, and read what is going to happen, if taken literally, it seems to me that whether or not you have food stored in your basement, you’re going to discover that the tribulation is so horrendous that having something in your basement to eat is not going to give you a great deal of comfort.

The bottom line is that I think it is very, very important for us to look for the return of Christ and to trust Him. And if we do go through the tribulation period, as our post-tribulational friends believe, God is going to protect His people, God is going to care for His people, and I doubt very much that you’re going to have the opportunity of somehow surviving better because of the fact that you have some supplies stored up.

Finally, Misty, when it comes to matters of prophecy, long ago I learned that it’s best to say much too little, than a little too much. We don’t know when Christ is coming, and those people who think He’s coming very, very soon, that’s wonderful, but I’ve been hearing this now for about 30 or 40 or 50 years. Don’t get me wrong, I think we should anticipate His coming, we look for His appearing, but the fact is, we don’t know when it will happen. So take care Misty, trust God and He’ll guide you through it.

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