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Question 135

Q: When a loved one dies (especially an infant) and goes to heaven, will they remain that age when we meet them again in heaven? 

Asked by: Lynette

A: Lynette, I want you to know that the Bible nowhere specifically says this, but I have a very deep conviction that, indeed, babies who die and go to heaven will not be babies throughout all of eternity.

They may indeed grow up in heaven, maybe they will even grow up in their mother’s arms, but eventually they will be adults. Because, when you look at the Bible, you see all of the singing that goes on in heaven, you see people serving the Lord and these are the kinds of things that infants can’t do.

So I think they will be the same people that they were here on Earth, but they will have grown up. In heaven there won’t be any kinds of limitations put on anyone, and we’ll be able to worship with freedom and joy. Everyone will be a part of the celebrations.

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