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Question 125

Q: Do you recommend home schooling over public education?

Asked by: Bob

A: I’m asked that frequently, and I need to say that if parents have a choice, of course homeschooling would be best.

The reason I say that is because the curriculum in many schools is one that Christian parents cannot possibly accept. We have the teaching of homosexuality and sex education that oftentimes enflames the desires of young people. How can our children withstand this? They’re not in a position to be able to stand by themselves, they are after all, just children.

You know, when you plant new grass and it’s very young, you don’t walk on it, you take good care of it. Once it’s stronger, then you can walk across the lawn. In the very same way, hopefully, children grow up and are convinced that they can then defend the faith in college and university. But in the earlier grades it’s quite different.

At the same time, however, I’m not saying that all parents should pull their children out of the public school system. I believe that there are still some public school systems in America that are accommodating to Christian values. They may not be distinctively Christian, but there are many teachers who are not going to work against you as parents.

So bottom line, Bob, is that you need to determine which is best in your situation. What is the possibility of having your children homeschooled? Is that even feasible over against the kind of school that they would attend if they were in public education? I don’t think it is a one size fits all answer. Every Christian needs to pray it through on their own, checking out all of the possibilities, and making as wise a decision as possible for their children.

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