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Question 105

Q: My sister-in-law asked me to buy a chocolate bar from her son to benefit the Roman Catholic school he attends.

Not wanting to offend her, I told her that I’d have to pass on that. Since she wanted to know why, I told her that I cannot support the school because of its Catholic doctrines, and I cited their belief in justification by works and not by faith.

Now I’m wondering, did I do the right thing?

Asked by: Carver, Connecticut

A: Carver, I really don’t think that you did the right thing.

Obviously, those of us who are Protestants have our differences with the Roman Catholic Church. But you should have purchased that chocolate bar. There is a time for us to highlight our differences with Roman Catholicism, but this wasn’t one of them.

Futhermore, some Catholic schools still uphold morality and have teaching about God. All of which, of course, can’t always be said about the public schools that are around us. So sometimes Protestants even send their children to Catholic schools.

I really do suggest that you go to your sister-in-law and tell her that you did wrong, and that of course you want to buy a chocolate from her son. I suggest that you buy two or three of them. Your relationship with them is much more important than trying to make the point about your theological differences. Those can come up in a different context. Buy those chocolate bars and enjoy them.

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