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What Is Your Life?

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“And this is life eternal, that they might know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent.” —John 17:3

“This is life,” not “it will be,” but this is life eternal—present salvation, a present knowledge, a present God and a present understanding of it in our hearts.

Now, with our sensibilities we understand some things that are in the world. All of our knowledge comes through sensation, and sensations taken together form ideas. Let me illustrate. There is no use getting off that “highbrow stuff” unless we understand it. All of our knowledge in this world comes through a sensation.


For instance, when I feel that cheesecloth I get a sensation that runs up through my fingers to what is supposed to be the inside of my head, called the brain, and that sensation coming up there would not amount to much unless I got another sensation. I touch this Bible and get another sensation that is different. It is slick and feels different to my fingers. I get this sensation and that sensation, and immediately I have an idea of difference, and so I go on getting sensations from babyhood up through life, and all these sensations taken together give me ideas, until after a while I say, “That is a Bible,” and “that is leather,” and when I say “leather” with my tongue, you know what it is, because you have felt some and seen some.

You go out and with your eyes get a sensation called “red” and another one called “blue.” You don’t call them that at first, but after you get a sensation of red and one of blue you get a sense of the difference in colors; and this little umpire up here inside of your head takes everything and determines what it is and puts it away in different places in your brain, so that another time when you want to remember it you can pull it out of its place. It is a wonderful thing to have the umpire stay there, and when it doesn’t you might as well not be alive.


This faculty takes all sensations and endeavors to make them into ideas. Our ears get sensations, and after a while we know the difference between a laugh and a cry, and these different sensations give us ideas, so that we talk about the things that we hear; we talk about a great symphony orchestra, and we talk about a mouth harp.


We take these ideas and put them together and make them into a language, and then we argue by using the reasoning faculty, and make our way into more knowledge of the world in which we live.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing to be alive; to be conscious of a whole universe about you and a marvelous world under your feet? I want to say to you, very few people ever thank God that they ever were allowed to come out of nothingness and crawl up on this old soil called the earth, and look out and see what God has done. It is a wonderful thing to be conscious, and every time I go into an insane asylum I do thank God for the marvel of being conscious of the things round-about us, of being able to take care of our own bodies, and to look at and see God’s world, His rocks and seas, His flowers and His sunset. It is a marvelous privilege, and I tell you if you are not careful you will become dull and won’t realize that having had the chance to live at all is a marvelous privilege given to us by God.

There are a lot of folks going around saying they are alive, but they are pretty much dead ones. They go around but you have to pinch them to find out whether they are alive or not. You can say “I live,” and then you can say “I know,” and you can go on in knowledge until it seems there is no limit to the things that you can know, and not only the things you can know, but the things you can remember.


It is marvelous how memory can bring things out of the little nook where they are put. I remember a cow-puncher in Wyoming got the idea that he didn’t want to be a cow-puncher any more, but a mail-clerk on the railroad. He got a bunch of cards and sat in front of some pigeon-holes, and he would sit there and throw those cards with names of cities and states written on them, throw them into the different pigeon-holes, and sit with his watch at hand and time himself. The others ridiculed him, but he became very fine at it, and he took his examination, and the next thing we knew he had a great run and knew all the towns and post-offices.

Memory sits on her throne within, and when you come along ten days later and say “Please give me back my ideas,” here they come tumbling out—that’s memory.

Life Cheap

Think of the marvels of it. Oh, it is a wonderful thing to be alive! Here is the thing I want you to see tonight, that life is no cheap thing. The devil’s business in our day is to cheapen life. Lots of fellows are blowing their brains out. Life has been made cheap to them and they want to shuffle off and say it isn’t worth while living. Judas sold Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, and if you are not careful you will sell all the marvelous chances of eternal life cheaper than Judas sold Jesus.

You had better say tonight, “I am going to get everlasting life,” for somewhere you are going to live forever. You needn’t think that personality you have tonight is going to be shuffled off into the scrap-heap, and that you will go out into oblivion or annihilation. You will always be you, and that little power of memory will always be shuffling the cards and you will remember—remember forever.

Judas is down in Hades walking around tonight and asking people if the High Priest took that thirty pieces of silver. “What are you looking for?” they ask him. “To see if the High Priest picked that silver up.” Here is Pilate, walking around in Hades, saying, “Where is there some water?” “What do you want of water?” he is asked. “I want to wash my hands,” comes the answer. Judas down there knows he is Judas, and Pilate knows he is Pilate.

You are going to live forever. It don’t matter what other men may say about it—God’s book tells the truth, and you know in your own consciousness that that personality of yours will live forever. There is something there you cannot stamp out. You might be able to stamp out a dog’s life, but there is something inside of you that no dog or animal ever had, and you realize it. Don’t cheapen your life.

I am going to fight for your soul tonight with all the power the Holy Ghost will give me, and if you will help me fight for it, you and I will get together with Jesus and something will happen that will last through eternity, that will always be joy for you. If you are not careful the devil will get you on the other side and you will be thinking about me. Now, I don’t give a rap what you think about me, but I tell you I am mighty concerned about what you think about Jesus Christ, when I offer you everlasting life from Him. So get your eyes off of me and try to follow the thing I am talking about, and see if we cannot find Him tonight.

As I look into your faces some of you are Christians, and many are not. You have to stay somewhere forever, and if there is life, let’s get it tonight. Let us close in with it—the possibilities are so great. Don’t laugh and consider this a question of amusement, but let us get somewhere on this occasion that God has given us. Don’t get cheap, don’t get light.

A Lavish Spender

God never put any key on any kind of knowledge, and God isn’t saying to any man that he cannot look into anything He has. He did not shut off electricity. You can take it and light your homes and drive your cars. God did not shut away the chemicals, but you can take them and use them as dynamite, as poisonous gas, or whatever you may wish, at your own discretion. God is a mighty big river, and the most lavish spender the world can ever dream of. When God wants anything He never considers the price. He is the greatest spender you ever heard anything about. “God so loved the world,” that when He wanted your soul “He gave His only begotten Son” to pay the price for your redemption. You cannot say there is anything cheap about God when He starts to give.

Look at the sunlight coming from that old sun, and we don’t get one-millionth part of the sun’s rays on this earth; the rest is dissipated into the atmosphere. God doesn’t do anything by halves; He has plenty and to spare. God is a lavish giver, and wants to do big things for you.

Man did not manufacture steam—he just found it. God did it. It is a mystery in itself, and my friend in the rolling mills in Pittsburgh realized it. A little Welsh fellow asked him to go to a revival meeting. He would make five of the little Welshman, and he answered back and said, “I’ll tell you when I will go to your revival meeting.” “When?” he was asked. “When you explain the Trinity.” The answer came back, “I will explain the Trinity when you explain how water can be steam, and then ice, and still be water.” Old Charlie said to himself, “I guess I had better take another think. Isn’t that queer? It can be ice and keep everything cool, and yet you can take that same ice and melt it and stick it under an engine and drive the engine at ninety miles an hour. Three things in one, one in three.”

I tell you, you had better get connected up with some of the power God has. It is all open. He laid the coal under the earth so you could heat water for your steam-engines, before we ever came on the scene. He has made all the preparation, and His water-system works fine. The water gets dirty once in a while, and He pulls it up in a cloud and brushes it with the angels’ wings, and lets it go over the mountains, and then He squeezes it with a cold wave, and it comes back again all clean. He works it, and I am not going to worry about His water-works, for He handles it wonderfully well and keeps the supply going. All this knowledge God does not hold back from men. With a body and its sensibilities I stand, then, able to be conscious of the world in which I live.

Knowledge is Not Life

But this is not all there is to life. I might know all there is to know about this material world, but that is not all there is to life. If I had all knowledge so that I knew all these different things—that is not life, for that only consists of the work of the little umpire of ideas in my brain. I get the reasons for things, but it only makes me sit down a little more calmly. I don’t stop the rain but understand it better. I don’t stop the winter’s wind, but understand it better. I don’t stop the summer’s heat, but understand it better. I must know more than just these things to live up to the privileges of the being God has created me.

But listen! If I were to say to you, “I will give you all knowledge, and I am going to put you out on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and you will never be able to see another person as long as you live—if you will go out there and stay I will let you know everything you want to know,” you would say, “I will stay here, please. You can have your knowledge, but I must have some companions. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone.” Well, then, knowledge is not all the value of life is it? If I were to give you all knowledge and stick you on an island and say, “No ship will ever come near you, and you will never see any human face; but I will keep you supplied with food and everything you may need,” you would say, “Keep your knowledge, and let some human being come my way once in a while.” Why? There is more to us that just a head. Fortunately, we have a soul, and we love folks and cannot help it.

What are these homes built for—to show off a man’s wealth? Oh, no; it was love that built these homes. You can talk about the love of finance and love of power and all that building homes; it won’t do it. No, some fellow fell in love with some lady, and then they sat down and dreamed a dream, and out of that dream came the home.

Some men say, “Well, if I could be a leader in knowledge I think I would be perfectly happy,” but, my friends, they would not. It takes something more than knowledge of the world round-about you to make you happy. You know somebody else, and because you know that somebody life changes its color.

Loving Your Kind

The two greatest events that can happen in a man’s life is when he is married and when he is born again and saved. They will have more effect in your life than anything else, for you, in both cases, are coming in contact with new life. Any man that is married knows his marriage has had more effect on his earthly life than any one thing that has come into his life outside of God. He cannot help it. God has so arranged it that “They twain shall be one flesh,” and he may have ever so much knowledge and wealth, but if his marriage relation is not right and his home relation, he has a mighty hard time in this world.

The children come into the home, and he begins to love that little tot from the time he hears that first baby cry. God has so made it that you can hardly help loving a little child. Its very cry, its very helplessness pleads with you for help, and you have to take it.

Some woman says, “I wouldn’t have a child for anything in the world,” but somebody leaves one at her door, and she picks it up. It would have been all right if she hadn’t picked it up, but the little thing grabbed her finger and looked up and stuck her finger in its mouth, and that got her somehow, because that little wee hand went up and hugged around her finger, and that child never went out of that house. Its very pathetic little weakness won her heart.

Soul Instinct

We can stand, then, and say, “Through my bodily senses I am conscious of the world in which I live; but, better still, through the senses of my soul I am conscious of my kind and can know them and become attached to them. Your soul sensibilities instinctively feel after my soul. You cannot help it, and your long, sensitive soul fingers are reaching from all around this audience to reach in and feel my soul, to see what kind of a fellow I am. I talk for twenty minutes and you folks have heard nothing I said. Why? You are sizing me up. If you size a fellow up and say to yourself, “He is a grafter; he is crooked; he is wrong, you sit on nettles and say, “Let me get out as soon as I can.” You instinctively feel a soul.

There are people that you shake hands with that make you feel like you had a snake in your hand. You draw back and you don’t know why you did, but you do it. A woman does it quicker than a man. God has so made a woman to protect her children, that she can feel the soul stuff. You say to her, “Why don’t you like that man?” and she gives the best reason in the world: “Because.” “Why do you feel like that?” “I cannot tell, but that is the way I feel.” You had better take a woman’s hunch. She knows. God has made the mother of children instinctive, and they have a peculiar feeling about soul stuff that might harm their children.

Here is a little ninny that thinks she knows it all, and runs with some youngster. The mother says, “I would never go with that fellow again.” Mother knew he was crooked, the little cigarette sucker, the minute she saw him; and she knew he had just pulled his feet out of hell and was going to pull her girl back with him. So, with her mother’s heart she says, “My darling, I wouldn’t go with him any more.” But little frizzle sticks up her nose and says, “Mother thinks she knows it all,” and now she is regretting it hour after hour, for she married that crook that mother knew all about; but she wouldn’t take mother’s advice. Because mother couldn’t tell her why, she went right on. But mother has been along the road, girls, and can smell that kind a mile off, and she knows them. That is a fresh business to you, and you had better listen to mother’s instinctive voice. Mothers know what they cannot tell you, and you had better be minding what they say about it. They don’t want to harm you, but if you will take mother’s instinct about the thing, you won’t go far wrong, for the mother can size them up.

The Joy of Companionship

This is what I want to make plain, that within us is a wonderful soul with which we fellowship with our kind, and it is even more valuable than all knowledge which we gain through our bodily senses. With this soul I know my kind, and I am thankful that I love my kind. I am glad I like men and I am glad I like women, and that I never was a sore-head. I like folks and I don’t believe anybody would look at my old moon face without saying, “He does like folks.” All the “nuts” are my friends. If you don’t believe it, come and answer my mail for a while, and I guess I will get some more after this advertisement.

Instinctively you know whether anybody likes you or not. They may protest about it, but you say, “They never warm up to me. They don’t like me.” You know, and you cannot help it. You feel with your soul fingers.

The Mystery of Species

A horse has a disposition and a mule has a far different disposition, and it isn’t because he has long ears, but because he is long on his disposition; and if you don’t know that a mule has a disposition, always walk ahead of the mule, because that is the right end to figure him out from. He has a disposition, all right, and he will show it to you before long. He has a disposition, and he likes to mix with mules, and the horse likes to run with horses, and a cow with cows. I cannot talk cow, but they can.

When I was down in Minnesota, as a young man, some of my friends gave me a pup at a reception. It was the littlest thing you ever saw, with the shortest tail. When he wagged his tail he had to wag his hips, it was cut so close. He was a cute little spotted affair, and I was a bachelor and said, “I am going to treat that up like a father ought to treat a pup.” I had the milkman bring milk for him, and kept him in the yard, and he never saw a dog until after he was six months old. Then the doctor that lived in the neighborhood said, “I have a white bull dog. I wonder if your pup knows a dog when he sees it.” I said, “He has never been to dog college, but we will try him out.” He got his white bull-dog and brought him to my front porch, and I sat on the porch waiting with my dog in my arms.

The minute the white bull-dog came, I turned my pup loose, and he went up and said, “Hellow, old white bull-dog, I have been looking for you for years.” He wagged his hips, and my! he was happy, the happiest dog you ever saw! He lapped that dog and kissed him as much as to say, “Old friend, I have been looking for you through the years. I certainly am glad to meet a dog.” And they had a good time, and the doctor was starting home and his dog had gone on ahead half way down the next block, and my dog was close to the house, when a little pussy cat walked across the lawn. My pup made one leap after that cat, and off she went up a tree, and he stood at the foot of that tree and growled and cursed that cat. I don’t know how he knew that was a cat, nor how he knew the other was a dog, but he talked dog and she talked cat, and he was happy when he got up against his kind.

I have been in Puget Sound in a canoe when the tide was just right and everything was at the full and still, and watched the little herring, and saw the salmon in schools by the thousand. And here would be the salmon following each other. How did that salmon know a salmon from a herring? They would chase along, and one bunch would talk salmon and the other herring. I don’t know how they do it, but they do. God has made them in their own order and He has made us men and women, made us human beings, and this soul stuff knows soul.

You can take me to a monkey cage and tell me a thousand times I was made from that thing, but it is a lie. I know my kind. Go ahead and claim them as your relations if you want to; I know my kind when I see it. God made us in our order, and we know our order and love our kind.

Life Motives

Folks live for their kind. It is no fun to wear diamonds unless somebody sees them. It is no fun to have a mustard-colored silk dress unless somebody sees it. It is no good to wear shoes if somebody doesn’t see them. You might as well stub your toes and go barefoot. Somebody says the women dress to attract the men; but I have found out lately that the devil is dressing them. If there ever was a day when the devil dressed women, this is the day. If you think you are making a hit with the men, you women take another guess! I want to say to you, men have a lower estimate of women today than any time I have lived, as a young man. The lowest, cheapest estimate I ever saw men put on women is in our day, and if you would hear what they say about the way the women look you would change your face and your dresses, too.

A woman said in the paper recently that women dressed for women, because they wanted to out-do each other. That may be true, but you are out-doing something. There is no doubt about that. You are pretty nearly undone and outdone as far as dress is concerned.

We do things for our own kind. Men go ahead and act for their kind. They enjoy life with their kind. Where the crowd goes they want to go. They want their kind, and what life is to the majority of people is a knowledge of their kind—to know each other. There are people today for whom you would literally die.

Soul Hunger

While I was down at Jefferson Barracks, outside of St. Louis, the fourth largest camp in the United States today, about seven thousand soldiers’ capacity, I grasped many of them by the hand, and somehow I could tell those who were from Chicago. The boy would look up at me in a different way, before he spoke, and the minute I grabbed a fellow’s hand I knew whether he was from my city. He would say, “Tell me about some of the folks. How about so-and-so?” Mixed in the crowd, his heart was flopping up against his ribs for the folks at home.

“In a prison cell I sit, thinking, mother dear, of you,
Of the bright and happy home so far away;
And the tears they fill my eyes, spite of all that I can do,
While I try to cheer my comrades and be gay.”

But when mother’s gone and wife’s gone, and you get off into the lonely place, that is not life. No, something big within you cries to be satisfied.

I have walked up and down the streets in New York with millions of people around, and everything around to cheer, and my wife and babies on the Pacific Coast, and I have gone to sleep, and would jump up and look around and think I heard my baby cry or the voice of my wife. I might have had millions, but what was that worth when there was no one there that I loved?

You know you would literally die if it were not for men and women found about you, and the saddest thing about city life is that people are so lonely. In a little town you meet somebody you know, but in the city you can wander around and nobody knows you. Oh, how good it feels to have somebody from your home-town slap you on the back and say, “Hello, Bill.” You would give all that you are worth to get back to your loved ones; and some of you are lonely. Why? Because you have gone to the graveyard and put all that was dear away, and you say, “I will never see them again.”

We are made up of more than knowledge. There is a great big heart place, a great big soul within us, that hungers for our kind, and we love our kind, and love that man and that woman, and love the children.

Oh, men, it is hell without anybody. Yes, it is. It is hell; and I want to say to you, my friend, that if hell is outer darkness, Oh God! Oh God! And there is plenty of space for you to be out into darkness. Sometimes you think you are going to mix. I don’t want to discuss it, but I want to say, if God has anywhere I can run to for life, I am going to run today.

Spirit Life

Listen, friends. Before professors ever knew anything about psychology God had it written down in His Book that we were spirit, soul and body. Now that we have seen that we are world-conscious through the body, and conscious of our kind through our soul, let us look at the spirit.

God breathed into Adam’s nostrils the breath of life—life, spirit, capacity for knowing our God. God breathed into him the breath of life, and man became a living soul. I could talk to an animal forever, and it would never understand and fellowship; but I can talk to my baby and it has my possibilities in it, and I watch it smile and see that she has my life in her, and as I talk to her and she works her little lips around, the possibilities are there. “God breathed into man the breath of life, and man became a living soul.”

God could talk, and Adam could talk back. God and Adam could commune. With the body I am world-conscious, with a soul conscious of my kind, but oh, I have a spirit, and can be a temple for God, and become God-conscious. But men left God. Just like I would take that child and put it inside of a cage where I would feed it, but not talk to it; take good care of its body, but no care of its brain. Come back in fifteen years and go to talk to it. Is it alive? Yes. Talk to it you cannot.  Why? You have shut it off from its kind. You have shut it off from sensation, and now it has no knowledge.

Listen! You by your own act have shut yourself off from God. God never shut Himself off from you. You turned your back on God and have it on Him tonight. If Jesus hasn’t come and regenerated you and converted you and turned you around to union with God, you are still going in the night, and you don’t know God. He can reveal Himself as easily as my soul can reveal itself to you but you turn away from Him. That is sin.

My text says, “This is life eternal, that they might know God.” Jesus Christ says that is life, that you know Him. You have knowledge of the world and knowledge of people, but oh, what about this Spirit that is breathed within you? Has it the knowledge of God? You are going to live somewhere forever, but you don’t know God, and you have shut yourself off from God. “We all like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way.” You did it. You got your mind away; you got your spirit away and your soul and body away from God, and now I ask you to come back to Him, as He stands at the door and knocks and says, “Know Me.”

Supernatural Life

He doesn’t say He is going to generate you a spirit, but He is going to regenerate. You had it within you, and that is why God holds you responsible, and why hell has to be yours, because you turn away from God that which could know God if you would come to Him. Everyone of you can come to the altar tonight and find God through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ by His work on the cross put all your sin, all the transgressions against God that you ever committed, everyone of them away, and the death sentence passed on you because of you sin Jesus Christ put away in Himself on the cross, and then He rose from the dead to do what? To be able to breathe new life into your heart, to regenerate a heart dead in trespasses and sin. He can quicken it out of death into new life, and that spirit of yours will cry “Abba Father.”

Jesus gave that life to give you life, and nothing else will save you but the life of Jesus Christ. The blood of Christ puts away the old life and all that is wicked and spoiled. It was all ruined, even my soul, even my body. My spirit is the greatest thing I have, and ought to run the soul and body, but we turn it upside down and let the passions of the body run the life. Your body has run your life, and you have turned away from God. You have sold your treasure cheap! A little bit of dance, a little bit of fun, a little of the world’s pleasure, a few little whirls and out into hell forever! Why? Your body is bossing you and you are giving the spirit within you the lowest place. You are letting the loved ones boss you. What earth might say, will keep many of you in your seat away from God. There is someone sitting beside you that is absolutely bigger to you than Almighty God. What people in this town will say about you means more than what Almighty God says.

Who Rules You?

Don’t you see what a lost soul you are? You are living on a brutal plane, and making people think you have a God, and haven’t a God at all. And that spirit that is within you that could know God, you will not allow to have its way. You will not walk out of that seat and kneel and say, “My God, I am going to seek you in spit of people and what my body says. In spite of everything, I am going to have your Spirit in mind, and this inbreathed soul shall not be damned.”

What people say will keep you away from God. God help you to seek Him, or that soul will be lost. Why? Because you don’t know God. With my body I know the world, and with my soul I know people, and can feel my kind and size them up, and tell you whether they are honest or dishonest, and know something about them. What do you know about God?

The last thing you will trust is God. You are in His world. He whirls you out into space on His earth without a cable or a cord or force that men know anything about or can account for. God whirls this world out in space. That is His sun and He made it, and yet you don’t know God. Oh, may God help you to see how lost and damned and cursed you are. The last thing you will trust is God. The hardest thing for God to get is humanity to do is to trust Him. We will lean on the arm of flesh and lean on people, and lean on anything but lean on God.

I started out in the city of New York and began to trust God for my salary, and from that day to this I have never made a financial compact with anybody but God. Hallelujah, I don’t need to worry about it. He has given me everything I need; but the fight of my life was to walk out and say, “My God, I am going to trust you.” The last thing you want to do is to trust God and mind Him.

“What would people say?” you ask, and you think of what people say, instead of what God says. God is calling for you tonight, and you are letting someone else dictate to you. Against God you have sinned. God gave you that body and that soul, and God has given you a spirit that is going to live somewhere forever. Out into the darkness it has to go unless you will turn tonight at the command of God and let God’s Spirit change your heart and reveal Himself. This is life eternal!

Spiritual Vision

Somebody says, “Mr. Rader, how do you know God?” How do you know the world? You got it from sensation. So did I. God kept knocking at my heart and kept talking to me, and I let Him in.

When that old Bible hit your hands, how did you know it was a Bible? You knew it. How did you know? You just knew. Well, I knew the same about God. I opened my heart to Him and He came in and revealed Himself to me. I had a burden of sin and knew I was in the darkness, in solitary confinement, but He began to sing one day outside of my cell, and I said, “That is the sweetest voice I ever heard. Oh, if I can find God I will find everything.” I began to hunger for God, and got downright hungry, and said, “I don’t care if I never have anything to eat again and never see my beloved ones again, I am going to find God.”

I shut myself in a little room and came out chock-full and running over with God, and I know Him tonight, and His Son Jesus Christ, that saves from sin.

Oh, yield to Him His temple. Yield up your heart to Him, and the light of the Holy Ghost will do in your heart what the sun does in the world. The light of the sun shows you all its form and beauty, and lights up the path for your feet, and shows you your food and drink and clothing. Just so, if you yield fully to God, the Holy Spirit will show you the beauties of Jesus. As you read the Bible, the Spirit will take the things of Christ and show them unto you.

Christ Enthroned

“The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God; and if children, then heirs, heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ” (Romans 8:16-17). Again, in 1 John 5 we have the Word of God about the knowing of God, which is eternal life—“And it is the Spirit that beareth witness,” because the Spirit is “truth,” not “true”—“truth.” “If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater; for this is the witness of God, which He hath testified of His Son. He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself—and this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He that hath the Son hath life.”

Now you see what is meant when Paul says, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit.” Oh, turn from letting your bodily senses rule you. You are heir through the regeneration of your spirit, by Christ, to greater knowledge than can come to you through the five senses. The Spirit reveals to your spirit, and you know not only the world and your kind, but oh, you know God, and walk in Him. You know Him, and His voice is supreme. It is peace now, for He is in His temple (your body) revealing Himself, shedding His love and light through your heart.

Oh, it is true, “This is life eternal, that they might know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent.”