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In Memory of Our Beloved Dr. Philpott

In Memory of Our Beloved Dr. Philpott poster

On April 1, 1957, in his 92nd year, Dr. P.W. Philpott, former pastor of The Moody Church, was called home to be with the Lord. The news of Dr. Philpott’s passing was received with a deep sense of personal loss by all the members of The Moody Church. Though conscious of this loss, nevertheless, we do regard his homegoing as a glorious triumph and an hour of great victory.

From the time that Dr. Philpott was saved as a young man of eighteen, the Lord directed his steps towards the Gospel ministry. From that early beginning until the very end of his life, Dr. Philpott served the Lord with warm-hearted vigor and humble sincerity. It was his great privilege and honor to have served the Lord in the ministry of the Gospel for more than seventy years.

After some years in the Salvation Army in which he rose to a high position, Dr. Philpott was instrumental in establishing a strong Gospel testimony in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, which continues to this day and bears the name of The Philpott Tabernacle.

Following this period of ministry, Dr. Philpott came to The Moody Church in 1922 and continued here until 1929. It was during Dr. Philpott’s pastorate that the present church building was erected and dedicated. Furthermore, during those years the membership of The Moody Church was cemented together under his leadership into a vital living fellowship in the Lord. Many today look back with deep thankfulness to God for the ministry of this beloved servant of the Lord.

Dr. Philpott also served for a few years at the Church of the Open Door in Los Angeles, California, and for the past twelve years has been associate to Dr. O.J. Smith of the Peoples Church, Toronto.

The funeral service which was characterized by simplicity and quiet dignity was held at the Philpott Tabernacle, Hamilton, Ontario, on Thursday, April 4, 1957.

A poem by Avis B. Christiansen on the passing of Dr. Philpott:

Safe Home at last! Oh say not he has died.
His soul has only crossed the swelling tide,
And Heaven’s gates for him have opened wide,—
He’s Home at last!

A true and valiant warrior of the Faith,
Proclaiming Christ e’en with his latest breath,
Has laid his armor down,—call it not death.
He’s Home at last!

He now beholds, with eyes undimmed by tears,
The face of Him Who through the passing years
Has been his stay, dispelling doubt and fears.
He’s Home at last!

And though his going leaves a void within
Our lonely hearts, we can rejoice with him,—
His race is run, Heav’n’s glory he hath seen.
He’s Home at last!

At Home, with those on earth he loved so well,
Who now within the walls of jasper dwell,—
Oh bliss beyond all mortal pow’r to tell!
He’s Home at last!

Life’s sun for him has set,—but oh the glow
That long will linger o’er this world of woe,
Because he lived and labored here below!
He’s Home at last!