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Bin Laden Is Dead, But…

Bin Laden Is Dead, But… poster

Osama bin Laden is dead, but…

Yes, we all were relieved to learn Osama bin Laden was killed by US forces. We all remember the video of him laughing about how the September 11, 2001 attacks went even better than planned. He took delight in all of the evils he planned and perpetuated.

But are we really “winning the war on radical Islam?” Just because we have not had a successful terrorist attack since 9/11, does not mean we have nothing to fear from the incursion of Islam into our country.

Andrew McCarthy, former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney—a man certainly in a position to know the facts—writes that our policymakers refuse to come to grips with the true nature of the enemy. He writes, “It is national suicide for a free, self-determining people to pretend that our problems are limited to Muslim terrorists.” The threat of terrorism is but a foil for a more insidious campaign of deception and infiltration.

And James Woolsey, former director of our CIA, co-authored a report on national defense with 20 experts, warning against Islam’s methodical campaign to infiltrate and then dominate America through immigration, intimidation, education, community centers, mosques, political legitimacy, and if necessary, terrorism. US intelligence analyst Joseph Meyers described the plan as nothing less than the “usurpation and replacement” of our American foundation of Judeo-Christian values.

The radical group Islamic Brotherhood calls their plan “civilizational jihad” —that is, destroying Western civilization from within. And with untold billions of dollars of funding from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this plan is moving along according to schedule. The Brotherhood hopes we in the West will be so focused on terrorism, we will turn a blind eye to the inner transformation of America. According to them, the intrusion of Islam will erupt in multiple locations using multiple means.

I write this piece not that you might think that every Muslim is involved in terrorism, or that you might fear Islam. God has brought Muslims to America from many different countries so that we might be able to introduce them to faith in Christ. And more are becoming Christians than we realize.

But we, as a church, must wake up to the reality around us, and pray for this country as never before. We also have to train the next generation for what it will face as Islam continues to insist on using our constitutional freedoms to advance its agenda.

What Can I Do about the Islamic Threat to America?

We must wake up to the reality of Islam’s plans for America—but that this is no excuse for panic or hatred. Here’s what we can do today to make a difference with love.

Q: Can you give us more information about the books you referred to above?

A: Shariah: The Threat to America—An Exercise in Competitive Analysis, issued in 2010 by a crack team of security experts, details the successes of the Islamic Brotherhood in America. They warn that “stealth jihad” has successfully penetrated the highest levels of American government, security, and even finance. They emphasize that we are foolish if we think that America is safe just as long as we ward off terrorism attacks.

In this 300-page report, they quote Omar Ahmad, co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (speaking for the Brotherhood) who said, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.” The Brotherhood is highly skilled in its ability to capitalize on American ignorance and naiveté. Their strategy relies on leveraging the liberties of America and the democratic process to Islam’s advantage. They protest any infraction of their constitutional liberties (whether real or imagined), and will demand that they be given preferences in our commitment to religious freedom. They will exploit every weakness to maximum advantage.

Another excellent book is The Grand Jihad by Andrew McCarthy.

Q: What does the Islamic Brotherhood want to accomplish in America?

A: In a word, Islamic Supremacism: Islam becoming superior to every other culture, faith, government, and society because it is ordained by Allah to conquer and dominate them. The founder of the Brotherhood, Hasan al-Banna said, “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations, and to extend its power to the entire planet.”

Western-style democracy must be destroyed because Allah has already provided the only law permitted, that is, Shariah (Qur’an, Sura 5:47). The Muslim Brotherhood is clear on this point, “The Shariah cannot be amended to conform to changing human values and standards. Rather it is the absolute norm to which all human values and conduct must conform.”

Q: What are their methods?

A: According to their own document acquired by the FBI, they will achieve “civilization jihad” by:

  1. Expanding the Muslim presence by birthrate, immigration and a refusal to assimilate;
  2. Occupying and expanding domination of physical spaces: the building of mosques;
  3. Ensuring the “Muslim Community” knows and follows Muslim Brotherhood doctrine;
  4. Co-opting key leadership;
  5. Forcing compliance with Shariah at local levels;
  6. Fighting all counterterrorism efforts;
  7. Subverting religious organizations;
  8. Employing “lawfare,” the offensive use of lawsuits and the threats of lawsuits;
  9. Claiming vicitmization/demanding accommodations;
  10. Condemning “slander” against Islam;
  11. Subverting the US education system through control of textbook content and infiltrating US Middle East and religious study programs;
  12. Demanding the right to practice Shariah in segregated Muslim enclaves;
  13. Demanding recognition of Shariah in non-Muslim spheres;
  14. Confronting and denouncing Western society, laws and traditions.

Q: What is most disheartening about all this information?

A: The fact that our intelligence community is highly compromised, as these reports demonstrate.

Q: So, where does this leave us?

A: We should be thankful for the opportunity to live at a time of great challenge. As Christians we do not have the option of resenting or hating Muslims. We must realize that millions of Muslims are not a part of the radical agenda, and are open to the Gospel in our Western World. Befriend them. They are looking for hope amid the confines of their own oppressive religion. At the same time we have to be preparing for our uncertain future.

What to do now:

Pray for our churches, our nation, and Muslims everywhere.
Inform yourself by reading the books mentioned in this article.
Watch for and resist local incursions of Shariah law.
Love your Muslim neighbors with gentleness and a desire to bring them into the freedom of Christ.