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Bible Reading Plans

  • Mc’Cheyne’s Calendar for Daily Bible Readings (pdf format) 
    Over the course of a year, this six-page plan will take you through the New Testament and Psalms twice, and through the rest of the Bible once.
  • 365 Key Bible Chapters in a Year (pdf format) 
    This four-page booklet takes you through a chapter each day for one year.
  • 3-Year Bible Reading Plan from The Moody Church (pdf format) 
    This eight-page booklet alternates between Old and New Testament books, with a reading scheduled for each day for three years.
  • The New Testament In A Year (pdf format) 
    Using this four-page booklet, you’ll read a chapter from the New Testament five days each week, finishing the New Testament in 52 weeks.
  • Changed By The Word 40-Day Bible Reading Challenge (pdf format) 
    Read or listen to the Word for 28 minutes per day with this four-page booklet. By doing so, you can get through the whole New Testament in 40 days.
  • Changed By the Word 36-Day Old Testament Challenge (pdf format) 
    This one-sheet plan takes you through a chronological reading of the key OT stories over 36 days.
  • Changed By The Word 25-Day New Testament Challenge (pdf format)  
    A follow-up to the OT Journey, this one-sheet plan is a 25-day chronological reading of the key NT chapters.

Downloads From Pastor Erwin Lutzer

Downloads From Pastor Philip Miller

  • Identity Traps - Key Verses (pdf format)
  • Identity Traps Schema (pdf format) Nine Ways We Lose Ourselves And How Jesus Makes Us Whole