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One Minute After You Die

One Minute After You Die

  • Format: DVD

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When you slip behind the parted curtain, your life will not be over. Rather, it will be just beginning - in a place of unimaginable bliss or indescribable gloom. This extraordinary DVD, with 8 transformational teachings from Pastor Erwin Lutzer, is the perfect companion to the bestselling One Minute After You Die book. Follow along as Pastor Lutzer opens a window on eternity with a simple and moving explanation of what the Bible teaches about death.

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Chapters on this DVD:

1. Who Can Tell Us What Lies on The Other Side? [28:10]
2. What Do Unbelievers Experience When They Die? [42:42]
3. What Do Believers Experience When They Die? [30:04]
4. What Changes And What Remains The Same After We Die? [33:26]
5. Do We Really Have To Believe In Hell? [30:59]
6. What Will Our Resurrection Body Be Like? [31:13]
7. How Different Will Heaven Be? [25:45]
8. What Will The New Jerusalem Be Like? [32:48]