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The King Is Coming

The King Is Coming

Ten Events That Will Change Our Future Forever

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The end is near. While these often seem to be the words of insane rambling, they can also be a sensible presentation of truth. Acknowledging that what is yet to come is beyond the scope of our wildest projections, pastor and scholar Erwin Lutzer reminded us in The King is Coming that we have not been left completely in the dark.

Intended to be used along with the book The King is Coming and The King is Coming Study Guide, this DVD provides accompanying teachings by Pastor Lutzer for a full small group experience as participants begin to explore the end.

Release Date: 
August 1, 2014
Number of Discs: 

Chapters on this DVD:

1. The King Returns For Us [5:59]
2. The King Judges Us [6:30]
3. The King Marries His Bride [6:18]
4. The King Tolerates A Rival [6:03]
5. The King Judges Those Left Behind [4:59]
6. The King Destroys Nations [6:02]
7. The King Returns To Conquer [6:53]
8. The King Reigns In His Kingdom [7:46]
9. The King Judges Unbelievers [5:56]
10. The King invites Us To Reign With Him [6:17]