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Cries From The Cross

Cries From The Cross

A Journey Into the Heart of Jesus

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No other act, event or movement in history was more responsible for the birth of Christianity than the sacrifice of God's Son. Obedient to His Father's will, Jesus hung from a wooden cross. With thorns pressing into His flesh, He uttered seven cries as He suffered for us all. These seven cries come to us in a new program that helps us understand what the cross meant to Christ and what the cross should mean to us. God is always willing to forgive because His judgment on sin was satisfied by Christ's death on the cross. 

Release Date: 
March 30, 2015
Number of Discs: 

Chapters on this DVD:

1. A Cry For Pardon [14:27]
2. A Cry For Assurance [21:14]
3. A Cry Of Compassion [27:46]
4. A Cry Of Anguish [34:52]
5. A Cry Of Suffering [44:43]
6. A Cry Of Victory [49:37]
7. A Cry Of Submission [57:08]
King Of Kings Bonus Program: [1:01:53]