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Ten Lies About God

Ten Lies About God

Relevant Answers to Some of Life's Biggest Questions

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We've often heard people express various opinions about God, based on their own needs and observations. In this series of messages, Dr. Lutzer shows that contemporary culture rather than the Bible often forms our conceptions about God. Since our ideas of God are the most important thing about us, Dr. Lutzer challenges us to submit ourselves to what God has said about Himself in the Scriptures.

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
The Moody Church
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Ten Lies About God

Sermons in this Series:

1. The Lie That Many Paths Lead Into God's Presence
2. The Lie That God Is More Tolerant Than He Used To Be
3. The Lie That God Has Personally Never Suffered
4. The Lie That God Thinks Like We Do
5. The Lie That God Is Obligated To Save Followers Of Other Religions
6. The Lie That God Takes No Responsibility For Natural Disasters
7. The Lie That God Does Not Know Our Future Decisions
8. The Lie That The Fall Of Adam Ruined God's Plan
9. The Lie That We Must Choose Between Pleasing God And Pleasing Ourselves
10. The Lie That God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
11. Informal Perspectives on Lies 1-5
12. Informal Perspectives on Lies 6-10