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Is God On America's Side?

Is God On America's Side?

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Navigate the political climate against the backdrop of biblical history to probe God's role in the affairs of nations - today's United States in particular. Consider statements such as:

  • Sometimes God's judgment blots out the light of the gospel
  • It's not our responsibility to "take our country back"
  • Our defense of civil religion makes news, but our proclamation of the gospel does not

Pastor Lutzer's answer to the most provocative question of all—is God on America's side?—may surprise you. This book will not advise you how to vote—but it will help you represent God's interests regardless of who wins.

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
The Moody Church
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Sermons in this Series:

1. Is God on America's Side? - Part 1
2. Is God on America's Side? - Part 2